Chief J. Reilly

Picture of North Attleboro Police Chief Reilly

Mission Statement

My name is Chief John Reilly and on behalf of the members of the North Attleboro Police Department I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our web site. Through this medium, it is our intention to improve the communication and interaction with the North AttleboroCommunity at large including its residents, business owners, community organizations, political leaders as well as those who are just interested in our department.

It is our feeling that we must look for community-based problem solving initiatives aimed at deriving solutions to address the challenges of modern policing. The members of our department believe that our role goes well beyond just enforcing the laws. Non-enforcement tasks such as public education and crisis intervention are extremely important to the quality of life in the community. In our partnership with the residents, businesses and political leaders, we shall continue to be committed to the implementation and philosophy of Community Policing.

We hope you enjoy your visit and we invite you to check all of the pages on this site before you move on. If the information you are seeking is not contained in these pages or you have other questions, please contact us at (508) 695-1212. We are happy to provide you with any additional information or take suggestions as to how we can improve this site or improve our services.