Records Department

Image of records file

If you need a copy of a report, we will be better able to serve you if you call us prior to coming into the station. That way you will be certain the police report is available, and it will give us time to prepare a copy for you. Also if a police report is under current investigation, we will not be able to release it.

You can obtain a copy of a report:

  • There are no pending criminal charges.
  • You can only obtain a copy of your own arrest report.
  • There is a .50¢ fee per page for police reports and a $5.00 fee for accident reports.

If you need a CORI check:

  • This police station does not provide criminal background checks.
  • If you need a CORI check for work, immigration, or any other services, you may pick up the form you need at our police station, or download it here.
Records Department Hours
Monday - Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am-12pm